Why I Haven’t Given Up On Love in New York City

We-Love-NYI really hate being compared to Carrie Bradshaw, but I’m starting to come to terms with it. We might live in apartments the size of her closet and I might be looking in the windows of Jimmy Choo instead of shopping there – but she got one thing right: there is love in New York.

And for a while, we all believed it – at least the six years that Sex & the City was on – but somewhere between The Bachelor and everyone joining Tinder, we got lost.

I know I definitely did. I moved here with a few bags, full of my clothes, my hopes, my minimal savings and my one pair of fuck-me heels (from Target, thank you very much). I didn’t have an apartment or a job when I landed at JFK – but I knew everything would fall into place because I had faith. And a hell of lot of blind ambition.

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I Didn’t Drink For a Month and My Dating Life Was…

Last year was truly amazing: lots of travel, career advancement, adventures, and a few shots at love that didn’t last, but were great experiences. However, in all of this celebrating and happiness, I let my health fall to the side – and indulged in whatever I wanted while skipping those runs I used to love.

So when 2015 came around, I made a pact with myself: I was going to clean up my diet and get that sexy confidence back that I lost in the 15 pounds I gained. First thing to take off my palette?

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There is SO Much Love in the World

On Thanksgiving – and always – I feel so incredibly blessed for this little life of mine. If you would have told me five years ago that I’d be living in one of my favorite parts of New York, working at a job that I really love, writing for a dozen or so magazines and have an incredible group of friends, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. Sometimes I want to pinch myself that nearly everything I’ve wanted has worked itself out… beautifully. Surprisingly.

Perfectly how it was supposed to.

Now of course, there are things I’d like and things I dream of. There are Thanksgivings I imagine with my one-day man, and there are certain visions and luxuries I’d like to be my reality one day, but in this moment, sitting in my PJs with Christmas music playing, my pup at my feet and my roommate cooking in the kitchen, I’d say life is pretty damn good right now.

So thank you. Thank you for showing me just how much love there is in this world. There is SO much, I can’t ever explain.

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25 Things I’ve Loved About Being 25

A year ago today, I turned 25.

Truth be told, I didn’t want to be the big 2-5. In fact, the whole idea of being in my mid-twenties really freaked me out. There was something ominous about making the transition from fresh-out-of-college to real-life adulthood. Sure, I have been on my own for years, but when you’re a quarter of a century, it somehow seems way more serious than it did before.

But I really didn’t have a damn thing to worry about – 25 was (by far) my best year yet. So much so, that as I turn 26 today at 2:14 p.m., I’m secretly wishing that I could stay 25 forever.

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Want a Daily Love Reminder?

I know how hard it is to stay hopeful about dating- especially when everything… and I mean everything that you think could be something turns out to be another disappointment. While it can be easier to give up on love – and on yourself – if you remember to love the place you’re at in your life (and all of those wonderful places you’re going that you can’t even see yet) – you’ll be surprised at just how much will come your way.

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