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One thought on “Contact

  1. Linds:

    A cool thing happened last night at archery. I have a about a dozen people I chat with now and then at archery, mostly much younger, men and women. Some very friendly, some wary and uninviting.

    Two weeks ago, only one of the entire group I know showed up. A very pretty, and too young for me, 23 year old would be actress. We shot and chatted off and on the two hours, almost entirely archery related.
    I helped her with her form, was polite, not “hitting” on her. Treating her like a fellow archery addict/devotee. Many young women don’t tolerate an older guy talking to them at all.

    The following week, the crowd was back, and we did not get a chance to even say, “Hi”, though we exchanged an “eye greet” at a distance. She was busy being polite as a number of young guys seemed to compete for her attention. Not a big deal.

    Last night, she made a point to come over, say “Hi”, give me a “High Five”, and chat a little. She did.
    In showing my personhood to her, a couple weeks ago, she did the same last night. I first met her months ago. So her pointed effort stands out. This is almost a first for me, lifetime.

    And I get some greets at from young women at volleyball. But time to converse there is very rare.
    My ex did not give me that friendly respect, and kindness, at the end of my marriage, which was part of the reason the marriage ended. Loss of friendship, loss of respect. Both are things your parents never lost for each other. Two other aspects of romantic love, needed to be with someone the rest of your life.

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