Save The Date: We Want Sex Twitter Party

For those of you who don’t know, I’m the Associate Editor for NBC’s property, of the Pregnancy/Parenting and Love/Sex channels. Seriously, check it out anytime, you’ll love it.

We’re hosting a Twitter party this Wednesday to talk about a super-steamy, super-incredible topic: sex. And I want you to join in the discussion.

It’s really simple. At 9 p.m., log into Twitter. Follow iVillage on Twitter. Answer the questions and chime in your own opinions, using #WeWantSex.

Comment below if you’ll be joining in! Can’t wait to hear from you guys, I’ll be tweeting from my Twitter, @loveaddictnyc.

Tweet you there.

5 thoughts on “Save The Date: We Want Sex Twitter Party

  1. Twitter ? Sorry I don’t use it.

    Which “we” ?

    I’m 59, still have a libido works like a young man’s, and no partner.

    One woman and I exchanged steamy e-mails for two weeks, met to kiss, then never heard from her again except to say she usually does not do that. Very steamy French kisses, like I have not enjoyed in decades. If young women don’t do that any more, they are missing out on a lot. While waiting to meet me, the woman texted that she had to “take care of herself”, that she got so hot waiting for me.

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