I’m One of NYC’s Most Desirable Singles?

A few weeks ago, I received a message from a lovely woman inviting me to join Rachel Chris, a luxury dating/matchmaking site — and naming me (yes, me!) one of the Most Desirable Singles in NYC. I was actually at work when I received news and immediately turned to my senior editor, partially freaking out to tell her my surprising news. She kindly congratulated me and I proceeded to text basically every person I know. Why? Because I was so stunned — and frankly, flattered — to be part of this selection.

The site finds and picks out active singles in the city, writes a bio about them and has a photoshoot (photos below!) for their exciting feature. Then, Rachel Chris holds great mixers and parties throughout the year, and as part of the nomination, matches you with 20 singles based on what you say is important to you in a mate. In simpler terms: it takes out the online portion of online dating — singles are still listed online (you can see my profile here) but a professional matchmaker curates the dudes best suited for you based on who sends you a message. And then, so you actually stop clicking and actually click in person, there are events you can attend to meet these folks.

I love it. (And though I like this Dr. Heart guy, I’m intrigued to see who I’ll be paired with!)

I was discovered, if you will, by this blog and my constant descriptive and incredibly personal and honest writing that I hope portrays what it’s really like to be a single gal navigating the confusing world of love, especially in a place as robust and interesting at Manhattan. So this is for you, wonderful, dedicated reader who tunes into these pages each and every week (and sometimes every day), to support me and relate to my struggles and my victories. Not only has this blog always been a place for a great venting session, a stress reliever and something I’m proud I created — it has also always been a community of commenters who give great advice and make me feel so not alone on my single-girl-in-the-city adventure.

I hope you’ll check out Rachel Chris — and search out your own matchmaking service wherever you live. (I’ll be sure to report on how it works out for me!)

And because I can’t stand not to share them, here are some fun outtakes from the photoshoot. Thanks again, Rachel Chris — it’s a complete honor to be a desirable NYC single lady!

391297_10100561710639468_49430562_n 483102_10100561710759228_1275954547_n DSC_1288Don’t forget to write a love letter for Valentine’s Day to yourself! It’s Love Addict’s 3rd Year of Valentine’s Day From You to You!!

9 thoughts on “I’m One of NYC’s Most Desirable Singles?

  1. And how much is the service ?

    Its a business first. Telling you that you are wonderful and desirable turns off the logical and careful part of your brain. If that was the first thing a guy told you, would you suspect he was a jerk, or swoon at his feet. But you are giving them free advertising. They should pay YOU !

    Put some trust with Dr. Heart. There may be only matted AstroTurf painted a putrid shade of green on the other side of the fence. (You know, the grass is always greener, etc)

  2. Congratulations Lindsay!!! You still look fabulous and beautiful as always. Knock them off their feet girl. Lol! Very happy to see you doing well doll. Have fun, enjoy sweetie. Hope I get to catch up with you all from NY Cares one day. =) some of the sweetest people Ive ever met.

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