My New York

As much as I write about my relationships with men (and handsome strangers) and of course, myself, a big love of my life is this city. I’m not the only writer to feel like New York is this tangible, actual person that you have a relationship with – it’s difficult and confusing, inspiring and welcoming, all at the same time, off and on, again and again and again.

And so, just as I share my  romances with you, I’m letting you in on the other part of my heart: My New York. The New York that is familiar and wonderful to me. So should you ever visit or decide to take a chance on the Concrete Jungle, you’ll at least have a list of things to try.

From restaurants and bars to salons and hot spots, every Thursday, I’ll review a new destination. If there’s anything you’d like to me write about or try, let me know.

In no particular order, here are my Love Addict awards for the best of New York:

Best Place to Give Yourself a Hair Makeover: Butterfly Studio

Best Place for a First Date (If Someone Else is Paying): Measure Lounge

The Setai
Best Show to Attend With Your Single Girlfriends: Play/Date


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