Introducing My New York: Butterfly Studio Salon

As much as I write about my relationships with men (and handsome strangers) and of course, myself, a big love of my life is this city. I’m not the only writer to feel like New York is this tangible, actual person that you have a relationship with – it’s difficult and confusing, inspiring and welcoming, all at the same time, off and on, again and again and again.

When I was doodling skylines and imagining what my New York City life would be like, there are so many things I never considered I would love. Like the calmness of the streets before the bodegas open and the school buses prepare for pick up and drop off. Or the conversations you have with taxi drivers, bartenders, baristas, subway strangers and waiters that not only teach you something, but stay with you. Or how neighborhoods become more than a tangled web of streets and numbers, but areas that are rich with memories and feelings that are almost nearly indescribable. Or how when the city knocks you to the ground, messes with your head and destroys every last piece of hope you ever had – the next day, it reminds you why you worked so hard to move here. Why of all the places in the world, you’d still choose to struggle here than to rest comfortably somewhere else.

And so, just as I share my  romances with you, I’m letting you in on the other part of my heart: My New York. The New York that is familiar and wonderful to me. So should you ever visit or decide to take a chance on the Concrete Jungle, you’ll at least have a list of things to try.

From restaurants and bars to salons and hot spots, every Thursday, I’ll review a new destination. If there’s anything you’d like to me write about or try, let me know.

First up, the lovely Butterfly Studio Salon:

I’ve recently started dying my hair brunette – even though I’m a natural brassy blonde. It was at the request of many of my friends that I go darker to make my eyes pop. Though I hate to be persuaded, they were so right! It’s a nice change that not only makes me feel more confident but sexier too. I’ve noticed that people take me more seriously, too as a brunette: they make eye contact, the type of men who hit on me are of a classier crowd and overall, I feel a bit more mysterious. But when you’re making a huge transformation to your hair, it’s important to go to a professional. And for me, I really trust Butterfly Studio Salon to take amazing care of me:

Where it is: Flat Iron district
My treatment: Single-process color, hair cut, style and blow out
What it’s great for: They use all L’Oreal products for their color and give a great Keratin treatment (Cezanne Perfect Finish) for frizzy fly-aways
Cost: Pretty pricey – but worth it for the expert experience
Atmosphere: Relaxing – they’ll offer you wine, tea or coffee upon arrival, no extra charge
What I Loved: How friendly the staff is! Sometimes at fancier salons, you’ll find the staff to be a bit pretentious, but everyone was welcome and helpful. My colorist, Aneesa really listened to what I wanted for my hair and made my color rich without going overboard.
What I Learned: I asked my stylist (Nicole) about the most important thing about hair when it comes to dating and she gave the best advice: you should feel beautiful for yourself, not for someone else. And it starts from within: once you are comfortable with who you are and feel really gorgeous -not for a man, but for you – that’s when you’ll attract the best mate.” Also – never, ever get a haircut or color right after a breakup!
Discount For Readers:  Visit the salon and receive 15% off your first color service – valid till 2/28!


Salon Collage


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