It’s That Time Again! Self-Love Letters

The day after Christmas, I walked through Kmart with my mom – determined to buy a dry erase board calendar to record my weekly events – and the sight of something made me stop suddenly like the tourists I despise.

Really? It’s only December 26 and they have flooded the seasonal department with Valentine’s Day crap?” I exclaimed. My mother sweetly reminded me that I might actually enjoy Cupid’s commercial holiday and might even have a “special fella” to celebrate it with. I tried my best not to roll my eyes, especially since even if I do happen to meet someone great in the next six weeks, I’d rather them tell me how wonderful I am every single day, not just on February 14th. And not when it’s impossible to get a reservation, even at cheesy places.

But I’m not bitter or negative about Valentine’s Day and I actually haven’t been since I started writing this blog because from year one, I’ve encouraged myself and all of you to write love letters…

…to yourself!  This year, things will be a little different (and a whole lot better).

You’ll still submit your (anonymous or not) love letter here. I’ll publish all of the letters on February 14th but they will also live forever here. Just like you don’t want to be in a relationship where your guys only celebrates your love once a year, you also don’t want to be good and kind to yourself only on one cold, glittery day in February. You can submit your love letters all year round and I will continue to publish them on this page.

But want to know an even cooler part? In honor of the changes on Love Addict, I’ll be hosting my very first giveaway (!) and the winner will be randomly selected and announced on Valentine’s Day! The prize pack will be an incredible, indulgent basket of awesome beauty products to pamper yourself. And I’ll personally write you a letter about how lovely you are, too.

To enter, you just have to submit your love letter to yourself. Get inspired by reading 2011’s, 2012’s and 2013’s. C’mon, tell me why you love you!

18 thoughts on “It’s That Time Again! Self-Love Letters

  1. Linds:

    I drove down to the Marina for a solo row yesterday. sculling, though in an ungainly dinghy. Still sculling, it just can’t capsize.Great workout.

    Anyway on the drive down, a local radio station’s two on air personalities, a man and a woman, were asking people to phone in and talk about a big personal insecurity. Be it sexual performance, genital size or appearance, muscularity or lack, or anything else.

    I am far from perfect, but don’t think I have any insecurities. In a personality test I took many years ago, I was very balanced in idealist, realist, and pragmatist. I suppose I might come across excessively confident. Though at the same time, I know my strengths, weaknesses, and admit to both, don’t exaggerate anything.

    Linds, just be yourself. Just as I just need to be myself. My older daughter is two years younger than you, going through same issues of being a young pretty single girl. Only she lives in Santa Barbara, CA. Guess what ? Same issues of meeting a nice guy. Anywhere there are universities, there are literally thousands of new young attractive women coming every year. Men there know this and know all those women want a boyfriend, so most men have zero interest in a relationship when they have this unending supply of young women they can dream about and ask out. Don’t even have to meet in person first.

    I met the women I had long term relationships with at work or school. Got to know each other in a group setting. Or at least a public, sober one before going out. So the date, once it happened was more opening up an already existing friendship.

    You also need find someone with the same level of mutual time to share. No one needier, or anyone who wants more time with friends and family. Both will be a problem.

    My two cents, starting the new year.

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