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After several years, this blog has been discontinued. To see where Lindsay is now, visit

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37 thoughts on “Meet Lindsay

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  2. Dear Lindsay,

    I am a 40 something recently divorced woman, mother of one son and grandmother of two grand daughters.
    I wanted you to know that I have read your columns,
    “Frankly, I do give a damn” and,
    “What comes before love?” I wanted you to know that this is the very first time I’ve ever read anyone’s blog in my lifetime. I enjoyed your commentaries very much!
    I happened upon this word press looking for answers to start a new career in helping people via blogging as I have had many years of mentoring/life coaching young women as well as both men and women in my own age range.

    I wanted to let you know that I’m extremely impressed by your insight and awareness as well as obvious writing talent!

    I also majored in journalism out in California years ago and now live in Blue Ridge,Ga, not too far from N.C. where you went to school.
    I’d like the opportunity to talk with you as I am now interested in blogging about some of the same concerns you’ve written about.
    I find you a very interesting and captivating young woman with an astute sense of self-awareness and I believe we have much in common.

    You are writing about many of the same things I am just now experiencing after my divorce of an 18 year relationship and being new to dating in the age of computer technology.

    I would love and appreciate the opportunity to exchange email, share information and uplift. :) It would truly be an honor to hear from you!

    Kristina Walton-Whelchel

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  5. You have quite an adventure ahead. I was 19 when I left Los Angeles and moved to Phoenix, with 2 suitcases and $200…no job, friends, or family. Now at *ahem ahem* almost 38,I have moved myself and my daughter from Phoenix to Nashville… no job, friends or family. It’s fun, exciting, stressful, challenging, wonderful all in one. Enjoy this time of your life. You are on the horizons of great things!

  6. Hey Lindsey!

    I found your blog by accident and I am absolutely in love with it! I too went to AppState and moved to NYC! It’s inspiring to know that you are a fellow mountaineer making it the Big Apple!

    Cheers to you!


      • Hey Lindsey!

        I moved here from Charlotte about a month ago and currently residing in Astoria! I got a job at Mount Sinai Hospital in the upper east side but I won’t start until January.
        And apparently, you now my college roommate Kelly Frost!!! isn’t that CRAZY!

  7. Hi Lindsey, I followed your blog from Vic’s. If you need a man’s opinion, you are such a beautiful young lady, there is no need for you to saddle a horse to go look for love, love will certainly find you. That is experience taking, :) you can listen to an old man…lol…

    Hope your weekend is going to be great.


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  10. Hi – I love reading your stories, they are so well written that I feel an immediate connection.

    My favorite readings are about Mr. Rescue, what a sweetheart. He just seems so strong and sensitive.

    Hope to read more about the knight in shining armor!!

  11. I stumbled across your site earlier today and have found myself identifying with what you right about and unable to tear myself away! I have laughed out loud and at times, sheepishly, found that what you write rings true!
    Thank-you for your honesty.
    Abbie. xx

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  14. Lindsay-

    I’m so excited to have found your site! That’s so cool that you are from Asheville! I am living there for the summer. And headed to NYC this fall to finish up school. I have many of the same aspirations as you (including loving myself) and can’t wait to read more of your post. :) Thanks for all the good stuff.

    -Katie Hoffman

  15. Just ran accross your blog again and took a peak that this. I am a southern girl, a writer, and lived in NYC for 2 years. So much fun! Enjoy and I look forward to reading more of yoru adventures. :)

  16. Dear Lindsay ,
    I `m a 54 year old man who never experienced a relationship with a woman . I tried to start one with a blind woman , but she moved to Oklaloma instead . I gave up Lindsay , on finding my Proverbs 31 woman .
    Now , being lonely , sitting at my computer , and reading your writings , my life stinks !!
    How sad !!
    James Bradley

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  18. Hi Lindsay, just wanted to let you know that I bumped into your parents at the French Broad Park yesterday! They were great (and very proud of you). As a fellow writer, I think they particularly enjoyed telling me about your career. Keep up the good work–your blog is great! If you’re ever back in Asheville, drop me a line ( BTW, your mom mentioned that you sometimes take guest guy contributions on iVillage. That true? I’d love the chance to pitch. My site’s at If not, no worries–nice to say hi anyway!

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