The 14 Types of Kisses You Might Have Tonight

As every single girl knows, New Year’s seems so romantic and ripe with possibility (Sparkles! Champagne! Heels! A New Year that could bring love!), but the reality is: the night of high expectations usually turns out to be a dud.

Even so, when the clock strikes midnight, we all bring out our chapstick and look anxiously around the room for someone to ring in the New Year with a smooch. Though I’ve never kissed anyone I was dating at midnight (and the last two years, I watched jealously as all thecouples around me made out), I still get my hopes up that one year, I will finally have on of those magical liplocks with someone I love.

I’m not alone though, nearly 60 percent of folks say they’d rather have a New Year’s kiss than a new computer – wow! So ready to pucker up? Here are the types New Year’s Eve kisses you can expect during the first minute of 2015:


1. The kiss with a drunk person who literally would have kissed anyone: female, male, tree, anything, everything.

Awkward Factor: 2/5 champagne flutes. You’re probably hammered, too so hooooooray, kisses for everyone!

Want to see the other 13 types of kisses you might have? Click here.

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