Want a Daily Love Reminder?

I know how hard it is to stay hopeful about dating- especially when everything… and I mean everything that you think could be something turns out to be another disappointment. While it can be easier to give up on love – and on yourself – if you remember to love the place you’re at in your life (and all of those wonderful places you’re going that you can’t even see yet) – you’ll be surprised at just how much will come your way.

But if you need a reminder – say every day – sign up for my new email newsletter that’ll be sent Monday through Friday. It’ll have a quote, a few links and a whole lotta love. I promise not to spam you – just to inspire you!

Sign up here and tell me what you’d like to see see in the email in the comments!



5 thoughts on “Want a Daily Love Reminder?

  1. this was inspirational especially at a time when i have been disappointed by another lover who didnt believe in our project. oh wells! life goes on! cheers linds!

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