25 Things I’ve Loved About Being 25

A year ago today, I turned 25.

Truth be told, I didn’t want to be the big 2-5. In fact, the whole idea of being in my mid-twenties really freaked me out. There was something ominous about making the transition from fresh-out-of-college to real-life adulthood. Sure, I have been on my own for years, but when you’re a quarter of a century, it somehow seems way more serious than it did before.

But I really didn’t have a damn thing to worry about – 25 was (by far) my best year yet. So much so, that as I turn 26 today at 2:14 p.m., I’m secretly wishing that I could stay 25 forever.

Okay, not really – I know even better things are ahead for me (they always are!) but this year I’ve learned so much about friendships, careers, love and most importantly, myself. There have been more changes that I can count but with those, I’ve witnessed and felt joy. There have been difficult times, but with each stride, I’ve found my step. There have been once-in-a-lifetime experiences that I’m still pinching myself over. There has been so much to be thankful for, but here’s a look back at 25 of my favorite moments as a 25-year-old:



Going to the top of the Eiffel Tower with my mom and drinking (very, very) overpriced champagne. We stupidly wore flowy dresses and had to hold them down the entire walk up. But it was so worth it. Afterwards, we got crepes and white wine and sat on the river, admiring the beauty and the moment.


For Mother’s Day, my friend A and I decided to have a ‘We’re Not Moms’ brunch at a French bistro in Soho. It was not only delicious, but one of those times where you really cherish being single, not having so many responsibilities and think about that these years of single-dom are really so short.


After not getting in on the first raffle drawing for the NYC Half, I somehow made it into the second drawing! It was the most fun I’ve ever had in a race  – running through the streets of Manhattan and along the river, before finishing on Wall Street. Best of all, I got to do it with one of my dearest friends!


The New York Post found my blog and found me and named me one of New York City’s most eligible singles. Lucy and I had (a little too much) fun on the photoshoot – and I might have splurged on that red dress.


After not seeing my extended family for more than a year, I finally got to spend time with my grandmother in North Carolina and even attend my baby cousin’s birthday party. Three generations of ladies!

After working for iVillage for almost three years, I left in April for a new gig. It was so bittersweet to leave a company that I loved so much, and while iVillage will eventually shutter its doors, I’ll always remember it for the valuable lessons – and amazing friendships – that I made there. Truly was an incredible place to work and an awesome brand to work for.


My very first half-marathon was in October and I ran it for my dad! He battled cancer last year – and won! While he’s still recovering from 5 surgeries in two years (getting old sucks!), he’s a rock star who continues to push through. So, if he can beat cancer, I can run 13.1 miles.


After years of hating how I look, I finally got to a point where I’ve stopped putting myself down. By eating healthy and working out regularly, I felt pretty damn sexy as Eve last Halloween with my best friend, Adam, I mean, J.


As a little girl I always dreamed of Christmas in New York – and last year, I got to experience it! My parents came up to celebrate and I finally got to show my dad the city I love.


It was freezing and super-duper windy when I ran outside on a Sunday morning to a newsstand to pick up 10 copies of the New York Post. The guy at the counter said, “You must be in it!” I showed him my picture and he goes, “Looking good!” Pretty great way to start the day.

This year, I ran everywhere: Central Park, Riverside Park, Westside Highway, East River, in Brooklyn, and the list goes on. It’s always worth it for views like this one.


Though I hate that my best friend had to leave New York to go back to London (c’mon greencard office!) – it was so fun to go visit him in his motherland! I might just move there one day…


I hadn’t seen my North Carolina friends in years and we all reconnected in downtown Asheville for a night out for (very, very) cheap cocktails.


Several of my closest friends in New York have made the jump to Brooklyn, so Lucy and I were more than happy to cross the river to visit. Here we are on M’s patio in Bushwick.


My friend A came up with a brilliant plan: monthly supper club! Six of us get together once a month to try new dishes, drink wine and hang out. It’s been a fun way to stay connected and of course, get tipsy.


After being out of commission for more than a year, my dad was able to ride his bike again! Go Papa Tigar!

10264786_10101108595063698_43738021488685997_nIn Rome, my mom and I loved eating at Piazza Navona. Here we are with our first pizza (and of course, a bottle of white wine!)


This summer, I was blessed to land lots of freelancing assignments from Women’s Health, Shape.com, AskMen.com, eHarmony.com, YourTango and more. Lucy and I enjoyed afternoons of writing and eating lunch in the park.


After living in the same apartment for more than three years, I made the big move from the Upper West Side to the East Village. I had a lot of trouble finding roommates… but I somehow found these two amazing women. We love our apartment – and they love Lucy!



This year, I got closer than ever to my friends. We all went through so many changes and had so many adventures, and while it hasn’t always been easy, I’m more thankful than ever to have wonderful people in my life to support me each step of the way. (And to drink wine out of mason jars with!)


For my friend M’s birthday this year, I treated her to flying trapeze classes – something we’ve both always wanted to try. Taking the plunge was scary – but pretty symbolic of this year in general. To make great strides, you must take great steps!


I went home to NC for a long weekend in July and there, my parents surprised m with champagne to celebrate big, big news: a book agent! Right now, Christopher at the James Fitzgerald Agency is working to turn Confessions of a Love Addict into a book!

10525841_10101259199526148_3479650805561929198_nAdmittedly, for a long time, I’ve had no sense of style in my room – but when I moved, I decided to keep it classy. I picked white walls with dark wood and the only thing hanging on the wall is this collage of favorite photos, quotes and notes.


I didn’t find love this year – but I did have more luck than I’ve had in the past. I haven’t met that special guy, but I’m also no longer too stressed about it. It’ll happen when it’s supposed to… and I’m looking forward to that day. Until then, though, I’m taking life day-by-day and savoring ever last freaking second.


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