26 Things I’ve Learned From Writing This Blog for Four Years (!)

It’s hard to believe that Confessions of a Love Addict is four years old today.

I get those damn butterflies in my stomach every single time I think of how far this blog has come in the past few years. And my heart feels like it’s about to burst when I think of how blessed I am that you all come back to read my thoughts, hear about my adventures and stick with me through any breakup, job change or difficult time.

I know I’ve thanked you before, but let me do it again:

It truly (madly, deeply #savagegarden) means the world to me that your support continues. I hope (and pray and wish and dream) that next year, I’ll be able to write a post about this little blog being turned into a big ‘ole book you can buy.

But in the meantime, I promise to continue writing. And giving you opportunities to write, too. And to win free stuff. And to email me about whatever you’d like to see more of on this blog. It’s not just about my crazy, ridiculous, chaotic 20-something journey as a single girl in New York City – it’s about all of us. In a relationship, married, divorced, single, gay, straight – and each and every thing in between – I hope you know you’re not in this thing alone. We’re all figuring it out, and if my posts can help you feel less alone, then I hope you’ll continue to read, comment and share them.

This adventure has taught me so much… but here are just a few that really stand out from the past four years.

1- Forget your keys. Your phone. Your debit card. Your sanity. But don’t forget how to dream.

2-  The most beautiful thing you can be is yourself.

3- Sleep with him for six months post break-up, shame on no one. Sleep with him for two years, shame on you.

4- Keep that heart open and those feet on the ground.

5- Just because it ended, it doesn’t mean it didn’t matter. It just means something will someday matter more.

6- You might not have a good time. You might spend too much money. He could be really, really short. Your friends could make you take two more shots than you’d like. Doesn’t matter: say YES to life.

7- Hope with all your have. Work harder than what you have. Watch big things happen.

8- For goodness sake, forgive yourself. You’re human. You’re normal. You’re lovely. Forgive. Yourself.

9- Nothing is forever. No heartbreak, no love. No job, no savings account. No pain, no success. Savor it all. It goes so fast.

10- Don’t be fooled: no one has their shit together. (And that’s an awesome thing!)

11- Ambition is powerful. Kindness is even more powerful.

12- You’re not going to teach him how to kiss. There are better frogs to meet, lady.

13- He’s out there. And you should be, too.

14- You’re stronger than you think, more beautiful than you can see and most of your favorite memories… haven’t even happened yet. (Isn’t that amazing to think about?)

15- It’s okay to fall out of love. With men. With cities. With your job. With yourself. Just don’t forget #9.

16- You’re going to fall apart and make mistakes. It’s going to suck sometimes. But that’s the best part about life… it always, always (always!) changes.

17- A woman should have a magic to her that belongs only to herself. Learning to be alone – and really enjoy it and own it – is one of the most important qualities you’ll need in life. Even in marriage, you must know how stand on those two feet.

18- If you believe you can, you will. If you believe you can’t, you won’t.

19- Get a passport. Use it. You will never regret any money you spend on any trip you take. They have a way of making you a better person in ways you can’t understand until you leave.

20- Put down your phone. Open your eyes. Look around. You’re missing so much.

21- No one notices an extra five pounds. No one notices a new pimple on your chin. Everyone notices a bitter bitch. You get a pass for a while, but then… put on some lipstick, smile (even if it’s fake) and get back out there.

22- There will be a day, out of nowhere, when everything feels different. When you find a kick in your step. When you let go of your umbrella and embrace the storm.

23- You probably won’t meet your husband tonight. Or tomorrow. But you’re definitely not going to meet him sitting in your apartment, watching romantic comedies on Netflix.

24- Life happens all at once… or not at all.

25- Your friends make everything worth it. And they usually come as a package deal… with wine. Love those ladies and don’t forget them when you fall in love with a man.

26- Don’t give up. On your dreams. Your career. Your friendships. Your goals. Your heart. On love…. and most importantly… on yourself. Life has a way of continuously surprising you. You just have to let it.

3 thoughts on “26 Things I’ve Learned From Writing This Blog for Four Years (!)

  1. Thank you Lindsay!! For all of your hard work!
    I cannot believe it has taken me so long to find your blog!

    I’ve only started reading your blog (a week to be exact) but it has made all the difference of me going out and LOOKING for my ex boyfriend. Your blog has reassured me of what a wonderful person I am and how much more I deserve. I hate the fact that every female in my family has married very young and then there is me. 25, no potential boyfriend, and no kids. I lack what my grandmother believes is essential on fulfilling my life. At one point, I honestly felt she was right. But reading your blog has only reassured me that nothing is wrong with me. :) well for the most part. :) :) Thank you!

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