9 Totally Normal Breakdowns I’ve Had About Being Single

From my Facebook page looking in, I seem like I pretty much have it together.

I have a job that I really love, I signed with an agent this year to turn my blog into a book, I live in one of the trendiest neighborhoods in New York City, and I’m lucky that I’m a good enough saver that I make it overseas a couple times a year for a vacation.

I’ve been pretty d*mn successful (knock on wood) so far in my 20s, but the one thing I’ve yet to master is dating.

It might be because it’s one of the most complicated, frustrating, irritating and yet completely necessary parts of life but in the five years that I’ve lived in New York, I’ve had one boyfriend, a few almost-boyfriends, and more bad sex than I’d care to admit. And yet—yet!—I keep pulling up my big girl panties, putting on lipstick and swiping left and right to find the right guy. (Yes, that was a Tinder reference.)

And even though my Facebook profile might paint a different picture, here’s the truth: sometimes, I have terrible, awful, dramatic, immature breakdowns about being single. I let go of rationality and just let it all come out.

This was originally published on YourTango.com. To read the rest – and see my breakdowns – click here.

2 thoughts on “9 Totally Normal Breakdowns I’ve Had About Being Single

  1. We are the same age (give or take a few months), living in the same city, and have the same dating history/sometimes-glum-outlook. And I seriously thought I was the only one! I feel like a ton of my friends, especially those who are quick to say I’ll find someone, have had more than one boyfriend in the last ten years. I guess it just means when we finally find a guy worth being with, it will be that much greater.

  2. Hobbies, Linds.
    I am acquiring friends through hobbies.
    One day, as these friends get to know me, they will know someone loves to dream of a guy like me. Meanwhile i just have to be endearing (to some) me.

    You are smart , attractive, affectionate and successful. Every day without is also a day closer to a very special dude, who will make you so glad you waited for the Universe to put you two together.

    Maybe you should add stand-up. Get people laughing about your amazing bad dates.

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