11 Ways the Struggle is SO Real for Single Women

single-women-strugglesIt’s been a while since I’ve been in one of those relationship things. You know, that thing where you have a guy who adores you, who you hang out with all the time, and with whom you have consistent (good) sex? I wouldn’t say it’s changed me for the worse (in fact, I’ve learned a lot about myself, what I want and what I definitely don’t), but being a single gal in NYC for the past three years has made me develop a few slightly irrational fears. Or okay, a lot of them.

But I know I’m not the only one who has nightmares about being attacked in my sleep by the nonexistent cat I don’t own or that my boobs will sag to my knees before I ever have a chance for someone to truly appreciate them. Right?

Welp, if you’re anything like me, you might be able to relate to these single lady struggles that make those stupid little irrational fears rear their ugly heads. But don’t freak out—we’re in this together, and we’re definitely strong enough to handle it:

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One thought on “11 Ways the Struggle is SO Real for Single Women

  1. Could be worse. Be male, sixty, look 50 or less, a touch slim, have energy like 40 or less. Invisible. And not a drinker. No wingman. Content making friends from sports, work. Some day, a woman I strike up a conversation with will want to know more. and spend time with me. I am not one of instant charm and immediate attraction. But with time, people always come to like me.

    Patience, Linds. A great life will lead to a great guy. When you see those blue eyes on the street, give the guy a compliment. Give him a reason to say something to you. Even if only, “Thank You”. Find the real you. Be her, always. Don’t be afraid to be dateless at a wedding. Guys dream about meeting a single gorgeous woman at a wedding. And you a Southern Belle.

    Get hobbies that allow more relaxed social interaction. Use those Saturdays. Can’t talk much ON a trapeze.
    Take a weekend to Southern California and escape New York winter/cold weather.

    Have you tried MeetUps yet ? Thousands of group activities in every locale in the country. Lots of activity ideas.

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