So, I Had An Invisible Boyfriend For a Month (Really)

You know the scene: You’re at a bar with your gals on a Friday night and a drunken weirdo won’t stop hitting on you hardcore, even though you’ve made it very clear you’re not interested. For many ladies, the ‘I have a boyfriend!’ white lie is an easy escape tactic. But guess what? It doesn’t have to be a white lie anymore! With, you can create a magical fake boyfriend that sends you text messages, leaves you voicemails, and gives you all the (fake) validation you could ever want. Obviously, I had to try it.


Once I registered for an account on their site, my first task was to create my boyfriend. That’s right: you get to completely make-up your make-believe boyfriend from head to toe to heart. I started with the basics. I named my fake-beau “John Lyon” (because my last name is Tigar, get it?). He’s 33, lives in New York City, and interested in fitness, volunteering, and writing books. After that, I was prompted to selected John’s personality: Did I want someone who was lovingly nerdy? Saucy and sarcastic? Witty and educated? Sweet and shy?

Depending on the personality traits you choose, that’s how he’ll come across in texts and voicemails — sort of creepy/sort of cool. I picked ‘cheerful and outgoing’ and honestly, John pretty much embodied those traits for the entire month we “dated.” Finally, I selected a photo, created our how-we-met story (more on that later), and voila! John and Lindsay were officially an item.

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