15 Things Your Future Hubby Wants You to Know

Last week, I wrote a blog about things I’m embarrassed to tell my future husband. Much to my surprise, it went viral! I couldn’t believe all of the folks reaching out about the things I crave from someone – words of affirmation, lots of great sex, asking my dad for my hand in marriage – saying they wanted the same qualities.

In response to my list, Keith Dent, a blogger and marriage coach (and hubby with three kids) wrote what he needed from his wife. If you’re anything like me, this list just might bring ya to tears (I mean, c’mon, read #9 in my needs!).

Enjoy ladies, here’s a letter from your future hubby:


As your future husband, it was very refreshing to read your story before we met. I don’t meet too many women who are open an honest with their feelings.

I hope you don’t overlook me because I’m not that tall, dark and handsome guy that you always seem to notice. I’m on the sensitive side, but I know that when we meet our chemistry will be instantaneous.

Before we meet and start to make wedding plans, there is one thing you must know. I will have fears too. Not right away, but they will develop much later in our marriage.

And another thing—I might not tell you, even though you’re my wife. So if you ask me if everything is okay and I don’t really answer, it could be one of these 15 things.

I need you to understand.

1. Don’t belittle the other things I say:

I love writing loving things to you, especially since I can use Siri to help me. I just hope that you don’t belittle the other things I say. It will crush me if you tear me down.

2. Your Dad may interfere in our fights:

I will ask your dad and mom for your hand in marriage.

I may also lean on your dad for advice. I hope that’s okay.

See, I never really had a dad who wanted to spend time with me.


This was originally published on YourTango. To read the rest of the list, click here.

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