When You Shouldn’t Compromise for Love—and When You Might Want to Settle

If there’s anything being single for the past three years has taught me, it’s that I’d rather be happy by myself then unhappy in a relationship. Maybe it’s because my parents’ almost-30-year marriage is a beautiful example of what I think a great couple is, or maybe it’s because my friends have managed to date really amazing guys. But when it comes to love, whomever I end up with better be the bomb-diggity—or I’ll pass.

That being said—if you ask anyone who knows me pretty well, they’d say that I was pretty picky.

I’ve never dated a guy shorter than six feet tall before (I’m 5’4″—or 5’7″ in the heels I love to wear). I refuse to date anyone who isn’t gainfully employed or doesn’t live outside of his family home. I have to be physically attracted to them. I’d prefer if he had hair, and he should have a rockin’, outgoing, awesome personality—and not be too shy or too loud. I’d like someone who challenges me but has a kind-hearted spirit at his core.

This post was originally published on Women’s Health magazine. To read the rest – and what is worth settling for – click here

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