I Was Rejected By a Guy Because of Something I Wrote on This Blog

If there’s one thing I won’t reveal on a first date, it’s my last name.

Thanks to a robust writing portfolio and popular dating blog, if a dude searches my name after our happy hour meet-up, he could discovereverything I think about dating, love, and sex. Sorry you’re not sorry, Google! It is sometimes really, really frustrating to have the thing that you love to do be the thing you can’t tell possible boyfriends about (until they get to know you, at least).

Even though it’s something I’ve dealt with since I started writing about my love life four years ago, I’ve never felt ashamed about any of my blog posts until a few weeks ago when I went out with Aaron.

After too many dud Tinder dates, I signed up for Match.com, convincing myself that the type of guys who paid to browse profiles might actually be looking for something serious instead of a one-night nothing. But a month flew by, and I wasn’t really meeting anyone of substance until I made some changes to my profile and was messaged by Aaron. He didn’t craft anything particularly special, but a few things caught my attention: He was also from North Carolina, also lived in the East Village, and just happened to be tall and handsome. We chatted online for a day or so before he suggested a classy cocktail lounge for Friday night.

This was originally published on Women’s Health. To read the rest, click here.

4 thoughts on “I Was Rejected By a Guy Because of Something I Wrote on This Blog

  1. Be true to yourself, Linds. When you really like a guy, I am sure you will have to keep details private as long as you can stand it. The write-offs ? They can’t grow and become better men if no one disses them for their clown ways.

    There will not be many guys right for you. Possibly just one. So its a patience game, a numbers game. Be happy. And write about the good and the bad. One of these bad dates may wake up, see the jerk in the mirror, and decide to become a better man. And may call you back. So you could have met him already, but he was not ready.

    What guy, deep down, does NOT want a woman like you, who loves to kiss, and when the time is right, turns into the most passionate woman he could want. And wants him. And to have forever. Dream Girl !

  2. Been in a few similar situations. One guy revealed midway through a date that he had worked out my surname, googled me and read my entire blog before the date! (STALKER!!) Another guy found out about the blog, cancelled our date, then actually read it, apologised and asked me out again! The trials and tribulations of a dating blogger!!! ;) xxx

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