Thou Shall Live Thy Life

I’ve always enforced a lot of rules on myself. I must do XYZ to achieve my goal. I must be the first, the best, the boldest, and the kindest. I must do the good for someone else and put myself second. I must wash my hands after touching anything even a little dirty and of course, I shouldn’t talk on my cell phone while attempting to cross the a NYC street.

While some of these mandates I should still enforce (I don’t want to get hit by a bus anytime son), lately, I’ve been allowing myself to break a few of these restrictions.

Maybe it’s because I’m traveling along this journey with an open heart and an open mind, or possibly, I’m just changing – but I’ve been thinking more out-of-the-box thanI have in a very long time.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m going to be this age once in my life. There is no going back three months ago, three years ago, or three seconds ago. Today, in this instant, in this feeling, in this moment is my existence. And if I choose to go off of my straight-and-narrow path to try a different adventure I never thought I’d be capable of doing, so be it. If I happen to get hurt along the way or wonder why I made the choice I made – then I’ll deal with that situation as it comes.

I know that I’m a confident, smart, and self-sufficent lady who knows what is best for her, and if I have the gumption to blaze a new trail and take a leap of faith – I know there will always be something to help me through anything that crosses me.

So, in celebration of being a newly-born rebel, here are some of the things that I’m telling myself it is just alright to do, if I so please (keep in mind, I haven’t done all of these, but I just might):

Thou shall not kiss on the very first date

-Sure, he’s just a friend. Yep, he’ll never be more. Oh my, he’s cute. I think I’ll kiss him. Maybe more than once.

Thou shall not gain five pounds and go to the gym five-times-a-week

-Chinese food for the second night in a row? Super greasy? Yum. I’ll take two eggrolls, please.

Thou shall not tell little white lies

-How much is that puppy in the window? The one with the curly hair and cute little bark? Can I afford him? No. Will I pretend like I can and lead the salesperson on, just so I can snuggle up with him? Yep.

Thou shall save more money and not treat myself

-Hmmm. Sample sale on fifth? Kate Spade bags? They do accept credit cards? I think I’ll be taking my lunch break early today.

Thou shall not flirt to get my way

-Man, oh man, I spent way too much money last night. He’s kinda cute. Looks like he needs some company. Maybe if he sees these new jeans, he’ll buy me a drink. Then, me and the girlfriends can ditch ‘em. (Sorry dudes!)

Thou shall not wear super high heels

-Are my feet going to hurt all night long? Will I have to lean up against something at nearly every place I go to? But will my legs look super sexy all night long? Yup.

Thou shall not have relations out of relationship-lock

-I may get attached to him, but if I can try having a friends-with-benefits with someone whom I trust and care about deeply, I should. Right? I think so.

Thou shall not leave makeup on and go to bed

-I will probably wake up with more zits than I went to bed with, but sometimes, washing my face just seems like so much trouble.

Thou shall be super critical of everything I do

-Instead of thinking another gal is better, I think paying some compliments to myself and to my friends (just to make them happy) is a little healthier

Thou shall not think in terms of end-all-be-all or never-ever

-Embracing ideas and thoughts that encourage fear or self-defeating actions are not healthy. So instead, I’ll think in terms of the here-and-the-now

Thou shall not drink that extra glass of wine

-Though my head will definitely be feeling the pain tomorrow, so what if I happen to down another sip of grapey-red-goodness?

Thou shall not forgive myself

-We all make mistakes. And I’m sure I’ll make more than a few here and there, but at the end of the day, I have to love myself. With and without those flaws.

Thou shall not stay up late writing…again


Thou shall not live my life just as I think I should, but with rules to keep me safe and protected.

-Nope, instead it is on my terms. Without limits. Just living.

10 thoughts on “Thou Shall Live Thy Life

  1. Ah delusions of grandeur, the permissive nature of the ego, as it slowly fantasizes outside the orbit of reality.

    Yep this sort of thing works wonders you let yourself go in one direction and slowly add on permissions here and there everywhere.

  2. No offense, I do love your blog, but this blog surprised me in a- I’m now concerned for you- sort of way. While I think everyone should live life to the fullest, a lot of these sound self-destructive. I know a lot of people who decide to live their life this way, and ive herd it’s a sign of depression when people decide to chuck their normal moral code. This post made me stop and think, “Wow. Is she ok?”

    Yes, you’re only young once, but many of these could have bad side-effects. But I guess as long as you’re aware of that and willing to deal with the backlash, then that’s you’re decision.

    But people do take your advice based on this blog. This was not one of those good advice days. Are you happy with this kind of example to your readers?

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m still a fan. Just surprised today, that’s all. good luck!

  3. Oh…and maybe you should keep something in mind writing-wise. A lot your readers could find it offensive that you named this particular blog post to allude to the 10 commandments when a lot of these actually break the commandments.

    I know I’m a little offended, but I like your blog enough not to let one blog post turn me away. However, as a reader, I’d ask you to be a little more sensitive.

  4. Did you know that if you leave eye make up overnight, bugs can come and eat away all your eyelashes? Lol, at least that’s what a Mary Kay lady told me. It hasn’t happened to me yet.

    Totally let loose once in a while, but just remember to be careful and to not make some of these habits. While staying up late to write isn’t as harmless, some of these could potentially hurt you later. And even innocent ones like staying up late to write could hurt you if you started doing them every night. I know you’re smart so you won’t make these into recurring habit. But You know I love you, so I’m just over protective.

    Though I must say, the reference to the 10 commandments with the Thou Shalt Live my Life title kind of took off guard. I would not include religious references if the blog post doesn’t have anything to do with religion… just saying.

  5. I like this post. I get the impression that you’re saying you don’t want to take life so seriously, but you want to enjoy the present moments and make the most of them. Standards and morals are extremely important and valuable, and I doubt you’re going to deviate from wise morals. However, life is short and we are to live it to its fullest. If we’re going to talk religious references, the Bible offers some insight here. In John 10:10, Jesus says “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full”
    Is this what you’re trying to say? I’m enjoying your blog and your thought process, you’re a great writer and are able to state things in words that I can only think of in passing thoughts and ideas.

    • Lindsay,
      The mothering side is seeping out just a little when I say, ‘Be careful!’ I believe in making mistakes. I’ve made more than a few in my life. It think it’s called ‘living.’ Rules are to be broken sometimes. Just don’t make it a habit.

      Stay charming and true to yourself.

  6. Thou shalt only date men who meet the criteria of my present and 16- year old (she was much pickier) self.

    Shit. The twice-divorced bartender with no car wants a second date. He is so cute though! I think I’ll skip the gym tonight and give him another shot.

    -Bianca and the Girls with Prius Envy

  7. I have been in your super high heels so to speak and I understand the urge to throw caution to the wind! I am guessing that I am probably about 10 years older than you and I can say I have done all the things you listed. One thing I know for sure is you learn a lot about yourself. Just because you do it once doesn’t mean it will become a habit. Being a rebel is a right of passage… Live on sister!

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