15 Ways My Dog is My Boyfriend (Woof?)

10153802_10101116777156718_3407082057316429827_nOn my 24th birthday, still hungover from the night before, I stumbled into my favorite pet store downtown and bought a dog. I was a bit heartbroken from my last relationship (yetstill sleeping with him) and I saw a cute clearance puppy in the corner. They say when you meet the right person, you just know (I wouldn’t, since I haven’t), but when I held Lucy for the first time, she fell asleep in my arms and something in me said: buy the d*mn dog.

A few hours later, Lucy and I were sitting on my bedroom floor surrounded by hundreds of dollars worth of dog toys, training pads, a dog bed, treats and food, staring at each other, wondering: Now what?

Those first few months were brutal and, honestly, I was a little unprepared for the incredible responsibility that comes with taking care of an animal without the help of Mom and Dad. Lucy will be three in March (yes, I might be throwing her a ’21st’ birthday party at a dog-friendly bar; you’re all invited!), and we’ve grown accustomed to each other’s routines.

She can go from being the absolute best part of my day to the worst, and she knows way more about me than my best friends. And love? It’s pretty unconditional. In a lot of ways, she’s the longest, most significant relationship I’ve ever had. She’s kind of like, my, um, boyfriend? Here’s how:

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3 thoughts on “15 Ways My Dog is My Boyfriend (Woof?)

  1. After on of my ex´s broke up with me I took to boxing lessons to get out my anger. Bad choice by the way I was constantly getting beat up. So this sounds quite reasonable the buying the dog thing for therapeutical purposes.

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