My New York: The Best Steak in NYC

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Here’s a fun fact you might not know: I’m a huge carnivore. As much as I try to be healthy, a big part of my diet is protein. If you read any dating profile I’ve ever written, you’ll see that I’ve been on the hunt for the best steak in New York. I still (wholeheartedly) believe my dad makes the meanest ribeye ever, I will say that a recent visit to 212 Steakhouse with my mom might give him a run for his grilling talents.

To be frank – it was incredible.

And not just the food, but the people too – everyone we came across was friendly, helpful, invested and genuinely invested in our experience. It could be quick to assume that’s because I’m a writer, but every table got the same VIP treatment. If you’re in New York soon or you live here full-time, I dare you to try the Kobe steak at 212 Steakhouse… you might be ruined for life. Here’s my full review:

Where it is: Midtown East, 316 East 53rd
What we ate: My mom came with and we the salmon ceviche, which was fresh, yet full of spices. We also had the chef’s favorite, the grilled calamari – worth every bite. He then surprised us with truffled mashed potatoes, a hunk of ribeye and a generous serving of Kobe steak. We finished with creme brulee.
What we drank: If you want a good cocktail – look no further. Always a fan of spicy tequila, I had the Amante Picante, my mom stuck with the Hendricks. We later split a bottle of (amazing) red wine.
What we thought: Mom and I had plans to go somewhere else afterwards, but we were so full and so impressed, we could only manage a drink at a local bar near my apartment. I’m calling it – 212 has the best steak in Manhattan. If you haven’t gone, you have to try.
What it’s great for: A special occasion, a client dinner, a first date you want to impress or your birthday. There’s no secret it’s pricey – but it’s worth the sticker shock.
Cost: $$$$
What I loved: The Kobe was incredibly. As was the octopus.
What I learned: The owner is incredibly passionate about his restaurant and about the food he choose to serve. That kind of commitment and dedication is attractive to a customer. My mom and I loved chatting with our waitress, trying the food and enjoying the multitude of tastes and concoctions. It’s a relatively new restaurant, but one that I can almost guarantee will be a Manhattan staple before long.

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