So, Yeah, I Did Sleep With My Ex For Two Years…

Mr. Possibility and I broke up in one of those super-dramatic ways that you’d expect to see in cheesy romantic comedies that we all love to hate. Short summary: He couldn’t give me what I wanted emotionally, and even though I probably loved him more than any of my past boyfriends combined, I knew that settling for a half-hearted love would never be enough for me in the long run.

So after handing him his key back at a sushi restaurant while ‘If You Don’t Know Me By Now’ played in the background, I stepped out into the rain, hailed a cab uptown and cried my eyes out. I wish I was kidding.

A week later, he was whispering he loved me in my ear while going at it from behind so hard I orgasmed twice.

I assumed our post-breakup sex was a one-off that we both needed to seal the end of a relationship that had become so tainted it couldn’t last, but I was wrong. Over the course of the next two years, I continued to sleep on-and-off with my ex.

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2 thoughts on “So, Yeah, I Did Sleep With My Ex For Two Years…

  1. I too have been “sleeping” with my ex for the past two years! We’ve known each other for a very long time and I walked away from him about 6 years ago. I’ve never loved anyone as passionately as I have loved him and I see him on “my terms”….not his. I date other men but do not sleep with anyone else other than him. He is in my life for the very lessons that you’ve described….and I’ve let him go before and I know that someday I will have to walk away for good….he is not my Mr. Future…….he is my Mr. For Right Now.

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