5 Reasons Why You NEED To Go On a Date This Week

A few weeks ago, I announced The Dating Pact – an idea my roommate and I had to encourage one another to go on dates. I thought it’d be a great thing for all of you to try too – especially since actually getting off of your phone and out for a drink is really, really hard to do. (Or at least for me!)

So here’s the deal: you sign your name here. This enters you into a drawing for a very fun prize pack that I’ll give away each month. Then – just go on one date a week. It’s that easy! (Read more details here.)

Now, why should you sign up? When you could just continue Tindering and eating ice cream all by your bad self?

Here’s why:

Because let’s be honest, when was the last time you had a really, really amazing kiss? (That wasn’t your ex-boyfriend!) How do you get those kisses? By putting yourself out there. Otherwise, you end up with drunken makeouts that look like this…


Because while it doesn’t bother you and you’re not jealous at all… half of your Facebook feed is either in long-term relationships, engaged, traveling the world with their significant other, having babies… and you’re… (no judging from me!)


Because you’ve spent more time with your Netflix account and/or your dog… or your cough, blog… then you have with a living, breathing, male in the past month…


You’ve started to prefer wine to actually leaving your apartment to go flirt with boys…


And lastly… you’re getting a little bitter about the whole thing. There’s nothing less sexy than being negative… so it’s time to get out there Ms. Pouty! 

Sign the Dating Pact here



4 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You NEED To Go On a Date This Week

  1. Your post is hilarious and, sadly, true. The challenge sounds great, however, sometimes it’s not a matter of being unwilling to try; some people just can’t get dates (maybe 1%? :D). No amount of self-help books, dating strategies or self-improvement plans can fix that. This isn’t meant to be an excuse for people who are scared or don’t want to make an effort; you have to try everything or you’ll be filled with serious regret, later on.

    Lindsay, I do hope you do take this challenge and run with it because you clearly are not part of the 1%. While, dating can be a minefield, you have a great attitude for navigating it. Yours is one of the few dating websites I enjoy reading, in spite of my predicament. I wish you, and all the participants, the best and can’t wait to read about the results.

  2. Back when I was 17 and the Earth was younger, while working for a time as a lumberjack, I was attacked by a pack of five wolves. Repeatedly. All. Night. Long.

    (*An aside to wolf biologists: Wild wolves are NOT benign. And if I may…”DUH”.)

    Thinking of dating makes me wax nostalgic for that night with the wolves.

    Sure, I could have ended up as “wolf kibble”…but there was a remarkable lack of pretence. Communication was honest and direct, and the night was noted for a complete absence of ulterior motivations.

    I shall therefore “pass” on signing your dating pact, and simply cheer on the heroic people who do.

  3. Easy for girls. Just say yes.
    Try asking a trick question that always gets the answer of No, that 1 in 100 guys will say yes to. Only talk to those 1 in 100
    That is what the process is like for many.

    Get a life off your phone and off your tush.
    Then you may meet someone who has a life.

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