The Fun Trick Every Single Woman Should Try

guy-i-should-dateI try my best not to cringe when my friends and family give me advice about finding love. I know more often than not, they’re just trying to be encouraging and keep me from becoming a bitter cat lady reading romance novels alone in New York City (gulp)—but sometimes, it can be a little irritating to hear what someone else thinks about my dating life.

Or even worse—when my friends make offhand comments that I’m sure they mean well by (but irk me more than anything else). To name a few: “You know, maybe you should go out more,” “You maybe should go out less, no one meets people at bars these days,” “Have you tried online dating? My friend’s brother’s cousin met her husband that way,” “Maybe it’s because you online date, those guys are just strange. Why are they online anyway?”

Ugh. But…

The biggest thing I’ve noticed is that everyone—from your grandma to your co-worker—has a different idea about what you should be doing to meet someone. And even more interesting, they all have varying visions of what your future hubby will be like and look like. So it’s kind of hard to take anyone seriously when all of their visions are contradictory.

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3 thoughts on “The Fun Trick Every Single Woman Should Try

  1. Someone sais when others have ideas about one’s dating life, one should respond: “so, do you have anyone in mind for me?” When they answer “no”. Then you tell them “that’s why I’m single. Everyone has ideas but never true options to pick from” 😀

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