Falling in Love On Fridays: After the Storm

The first edition of Falling in Love on Fridays comes from another Lindsey (yay!) that I went to college with. We met during orientation at Appalachian, and we’ve been Facebook buds ever since. She’s beautiful and intelligent — the best combo — and also very kind. I love how her blog below shows how the greatest of relationships looks past all of those insecurities and fears and sees the beauty sprouting from inside. I hope you enjoy her story of how she let herself go and found her amazing boyfriend, Judah. Hope you fall in love this Friday — and if you want to submit your own story, read this. – Linds

After the Storm

I’ll never forget the day I met Judah.

It was a college spring break trip to the beach, and he came to visit for two days. At the time, I didn’t think much of it other than he was cute. It wasn’t until later that afternoon, when he was reading a book called The Disappearing Spoon. He read aloud a fact about antimony pentafluoride, a superacid…and I was the only one who was absolutely amazed that it had a pH of -31. I am a cellular and molecular biology major, and it was then that I realized Judah was a chemistry major. I immediately sat down next to him, intrigued about all the science facts he was reading about. We clicked. We spent that entire rainy afternoon talking about science, our goals and aspirations, and that dumb book he had in his hand. I had felt left out that entire trip, and I thought it was so wonderful to finally have someone to really talk to.

Now, I have to mention, I was rocking a broken hand, a chipped tooth, and a cold sore when I met him (snowboarding accident). I was extremely self-conscious and felt ugly beyond belief. I was in a bad place when we met; I was in an abusive and controlling relationship with another man and I felt I had no self-worth. I was reluctant to even open up to my closest friends, let alone a stranger I had just met…yet, he allowed me to finally be myself. I remember borrowing a pair of his long johns and his sweatshirt, grabbing two chairs and two beers, and heading out to the cold sand. I remember finally being able to talk to someone, I mean really have a conversation, that cold night on the beach.

He was down to earth, genuine, and honest. It was so refreshing to have met someone like him and really get to know him as a person. I think it said a lot that we could talk for hours about life, science, the stars above, and the beauty around us…the very first night of knowing one another. I knew in that moment that we would be great friends, and we’ve been best friends ever since! When his little white Dodge Neon pulled out of the driveway the following day, I watched it until it was only a speck in the distance.

I suddenly felt an emptiness, something I had never felt before.

I wish I could write down every memory since that day—from late night study sessions, hikes in the woods, to our first kiss—but all I know is that my life has only gotten better.  He spent all day and night helping me finish my paperwork for nationals (I was Miss North Carolina in 2011), and I know it helped me to place second runner up that July. I think one of the most important memories I have of him was that same summer. I became very sick one day, and started having extreme abdominal pain. He dropped everything he was doing, drove 45 minutes to my work, and took me to my hospital back home—about two hours away.

I underwent tests, doctor visits, needles, and more tests that week. Judah stayed by my side the whole week, cancelling his work shifts and other plans just to hold my hand and tell me it would be okay. The doctors never were able to give us a definitive answer as to what was causing me to be so sick, but the fact that Judah just was there as support meant more to me than anything in the world.

He is so thoughtful, kind, respectful, and honorable. I remember praying every night since I was a little girl for a prince to come and sweep me off my feet…and God gave me that and more.  He has been a light on my darkest days, and my best friend. I could go on and on about all the little things he does (knowing my order at Bojangles’ to a T, making sure there is conditioner and my favorite face wash at his apartment when I visit, etc.), but I think I wanted to share my story for a different reason.

I want other women (and men) out there to know that it IS possible to find someone worthy of your love. To tell you that there IS someone out there that won’t break your heart, but build you up and into a better person. I have been through so much heartache that I often don’t feel as if I deserve the love Judah shows me every day. He sacrifices, is patient, and kind at all times. I just want the readers out there to have hope and know that true love does exist, and that you DESERVE it…just be patient. I know Judah came at a time in my life when I wasn’t looking for Mr. Right, let alone another male friend. Remember the song “After the Storm” by Mumford and Sons:

“And there will come a time, you’ll see, with no more tears. And love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears.”


9 thoughts on “Falling in Love On Fridays: After the Storm

  1. EVERY woman needs to hold out for her Mr. Right. No more abusive relationships. Don’t tolerate mistreatment. It would change the entire world. Imagine if all the jerks died of old age, and no little boys to teach how to abuse women, only to model how to love and adore the special woman in their life. Want it for yourself. Want it for all your friends.

    We are out here, wanting a woman like you. Be where we might encounter you.


  2. I wouldn’t call this true love, it sounds more like infatuation. You have to be a mature adult before you actually can understand the concept of true love. Everything mentioned above are things I would do for any friend. True love is selfless and giving. It sounds to me like he is the one doing things for you to make you happy, what have you done for him?

    • We’ve been dating for almost two years…this article was about how we met, not the relationship we have now. I know for a fact this is true love–it is selfless and giving–and I do just as much for him as he does for me. We live four hours apart due to graduate school, remain faithful, and do little things to make up for the time we don’t always get to spend together. I’d like to think we are both mature adults, as we are in our mid-twenties, in graduate school (Ph.D candidates), and have the strongest relationship of anyone I know. Please don’t jump to conclusions about someone else’s relationship after just reading this one article.

      • I think that I have to agree with Jose.
        It seems to me that you need time to learn to love yourself before you can love this man back the way he loves you. The fact that you were in an abusive relationship when you met and didn’t take the after you separated to return to your center makes it seem as though you are only looking for someone to take care of you.
        It must have been nice for someone to come sweep you off your feet, but life isn’t a fairy tail. Women are constantly looking for a man to come save them… And men are trying to save women, its innate. But in reality, your own demons need to be fixed. The fact that you felt the need to include that you were miss nc, only proves your own insecurities and need for praise from others.
        I’m in my 30s working on my postdoc in psychology, this has nothing to do with my own level if maturity, and graduate school doesn’t justify yours. It’s life experiences and your ability to be happy with who you are as a person that defines it.
        Not trying to be rude, but my mother taught me to speak what’s in my heart.

    • I’m not sure what leads people to think that from reading one story about how a couple met, they suddenly know everything about that couple and whether or not it’s “real” love. If we’re going to discuss maturity, I think most mature adults would realize that the basis for true love is being best friends first. You can love someone all you want, but if you don’t genuinely like them, you’ll never have a meaningful long-term relationship. Lindsey and Judah (much like me and my husband, and most other successful couples I know) have enough in common that they DON’T need to be stereotypically over the top all day every day. As for what Lindsey does for Judah–a) none of anyone else’s business; b) I know that Lindsey is willing to do anything Judah needs or wants her to do; that said, the current dynamic of their relationship works well for them, and that’s all that matters. If Lindsey had posted what she does in this relationship, she’d probably just get accused of bragging (as a commenter below implied about Lindsey mentioning that she was Miss North Carolina). If you have nothing positive or useful to say, please stop trying to instigate drama. I would assume LIndsey and Judah know more about their relationship than random commenters on the internet.

  3. This is the cutest thin ive ever read! ^_^
    It is like sooo sweet! Omg!
    My boyfriend and I met in line at Subway, he bought me a cookie! And we have been so in love ever since! I’m only 20, but I know we will get married. I mean, one time, he came over and surprised me with a milkshake! I work at Sally’s beauty supply and it was SUCH a stressful day at work. Omg! I love himasinine so much!!! And this story makes me feel really great because I feel like our lives are really similar! I don’t like science, but beauty school is really stressful! Especially when he lives like 30 min away. I just want to always be with him!!!!!!

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