Here’s What Happened When My Mom Controlled My Tinder For a Week

I’ve been getting pretty burned out on the whole Tinder thing lately. So much swiping, so many unwelcome nudity, creepy opening messages, endless conversations that go nowhere and far too many (ridiculous) propositions. Blame it on being single in a city that sleeps around or just my lack of attention span — but I’ve had an on-and-off relationship with Tinder for a while now.

My mom, on the other hand is fascinated. When I would tell her about another date that didn’t go well, she’d instantly say ‘It’s because of Tinder.’ I can’t say she’s wrong, really, there is a certain amount of anonymity that apps provide, but she’s obviously never used it before — my dad called her on the good ‘ole phone when they dated in the 80s.

So while I was home for vacation for a week in North Carolina, I turned over my account to my mother. After a brief tutorial, I let her take the reigns with swiping and messaging. My only rule is that she had to make every single decision — she couldn’t ask me for my opinion or ask me how I wanted to respond. It was completely up to her.

She quickly became addicted and started calling all of her matches her ‘boyfriends,’ and my dad was a little jealous that she spent nearly an hour every single day talking to other dudes. As for me? I found it pretty hilarious and OK, learned a few things too.

Here are the highlights:

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2 thoughts on “Here’s What Happened When My Mom Controlled My Tinder For a Week

  1. According to some friends, here 20s- 40s,
    Tinder is almost strictly about hook-ups. Not about making conversation, or meeting someone special.

    People looking for non committed casual, and likely non-repeating partners.

    Perhaps a few idealists , but barking in the wrong forest on the wrong planet.

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