An Open Letter to My Future Kids About Sex

Now kids, I know you don’t exist yet. And yep, I’m still single and haven’t met your father yet (at least I don’t think). And OK — maybe I pray (and cross my fingers and toes and arms and legs) to not get pregnant at this time in my life, but one day, I do look forward to having you. And as sweet as it will be to watch you grow from newborns to babies and from toddlers to pre-teens, I’m also excited to see what you’ll be like as an adult. I’ve always had a close relationship with your grandparents, and they’ve always treated me as a pseudo-adult, even from the age of two, so I’ll try my best to not mother ya too hard.

But, here’s something to know about your mom (which I’m sure you’ll find out long before you read this article): I’m really open and honest about how I feel about things. Your future dad will (hopefully) tell you it’s one of the things he loves about me, and I’d say, it’ll make me a good mom to ya one day.

Why? Because not even the convo of the ‘birds and the bees’ phases me. In fact, I already have a few things I’d like you to know about sex. Even though — let’s hope — you won’t start having it until you’re at least in high school:

It Is Your Body

You’ll grow taller and leaner, you might get acne, you might need braces. You’ll have to wear a training bra and your voice could get squeaky before it gets deeper. There’s a lot that goes on and your hormones will be scattered throughout most of your teen years (and frankly, a lot of your 20s). It’ll be strange and awesome to fill into your body, and if I’m being honest, you’ll spend a long time learning to accept, love, value and respect that awesome shell that’ll get you through life.

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