36 Incredibly Powerful Quotes to Live By This Year

On Monday – I’m starting the Whole30 Food Challenge (wish me all of the luck, I’m going to need it) – to get my health and fitness back on track. But more importantly than resolving to be healthier – I’m changing the way I think in my head about love.

Sure, I could write all sorts of blogs about how I feel, what I think, what men do on dates, what I want – but it all boils down to the thoughts I repeat over and over every single day. I really believe what you think has the power to shape your world, and I choose to live by positivity, passion, confidence and of course, always, love.

From my Pinterest board to yours – here are the quotes I’m going to remember. I hope you’ll find one that speaks to you – and makes you believe in all of the magic that’s waiting for you this year:


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2 thoughts on “36 Incredibly Powerful Quotes to Live By This Year

  1. Wonderful quotes.

    Yes, believe in yourself.

    I am the 2nd oldest where I play volleyball.
    I have had at least one great stuff block on
    Every good player who attends as often as
    I do, with age differences of 7 to as many as
    40 years younger. They respect me and play even tougher. I love it.
    Other defense, i play as if I am 40 years younger. I make great plays , for anyone, not just an old man.

    You are meant for geeat love, great and exceptional passion. Few men are capable
    To handle that and return it in kind. You want no less. Your mother probably could
    not have found that except in your father.

    Same for me.

  2. Its a question of meeting enough people in real life. Not artificial dates. In real life, people will meet the real Tigar the Tiger.
    Don’t talk too much too soon, reveal too much too soon.

    I married a beautiful tigress like you. Without her, i would not have my beautiful daughters. You want a fearless man.

    Your Dad was a firefighter. Seek a man , not a boy. Too many boys don’t grow up.

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