Ask the Addict: Why Going to a Wedding Alone is Awesome

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My older cousin is getting married and invited me with a plus one. The thing is, I’m single so there’s no significant other to bring. I was thinking of bringing a girlfriend along but after thinking a while, I really feel like going without a date… would that be weird though? Is it fun to go alone to a wedding?


I’m not sure how close you are with your cousin, but the easiest solution is to just ask them: ‘Do you want me to bring a date?’ It might be that he’s being friendly and encouraging you to bring someone to have the experience of going to a wedding with, or it might be something much more practical (the seating arrangement will be off you if you go alone/they’ve already paid for the dinner plate, etc.) If you feel comfortable asking her, then I’d just get her to clarify and say why you’re asking the question.

And if you want to go alone – go stag!

Weddings can be so much fun when you go by yourself, especially if you have family/friends who are there that you can talk to. It’s nice to dance with whoever you want to, eat as much cake as you’d like and enjoy the wedding without the pressure of entertaining someone else. It’s totally normal for a single woman to go alone to the wedding. It’s also fun to bring a friend – but you should do what you wantlips-no-background. (And if I were you, I’d just fly solo.) Who knows, you might catch the bouquet!

4 thoughts on “Ask the Addict: Why Going to a Wedding Alone is Awesome

  1. Any thoughts on “friend” weddings? 99.9% of weddings I get invited to are friend weddings.

    And there is that whole “pull/push” of “Of COURSE we insist that you come!” all the while distancing themselves like I have the Zombie virus when I arrive. (Is divorce contagious?)

    And lots and lots of…”Still not married? SO glad I don’t have to date anymore!”

    Basically…it feels like you are at a country club…BUT you are merely the soloist who is invited to partake of leftover cake when someone notices you sitting off to the side.

    You may have known both groom and bride when they were single but now, in this setting, they don’t often know what to do with you.

    I know it is really not their problem. It is THEIR day, and I celebrate their happiness.

    So any thoughts for me (and others) to make it less of a repeated paper cut with lemon juice for myself?

  2. The thought also occurs that the reader who asked the question could go all Debra Messing (Kat) with a “WEDDING DATE” (Nick).

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