So I’m Pretty Sure I Was Catfished…

worstdate1The first rule of online dating is to keep your boobs off the internet. The second rule is to never, ever (EVER!) text too much before meeting your match in real life. And maybe don’t commit to dinner with someone you’ve never met offline, either. I learned the latter two lessons after going on what I consider one of the very worst dates in my life (the guy who cried was a bad one too. And the one that blatantly asked if I shaved my you-know-what 20 minutes into drinks—but more on those real winners later).

I connected with Jordan on OkCupid—and his first message to me was uncharacteristically charming. I can’t remember exactly what he said, but it was enough for me to click on his profile and go through the mental checklist I always use to determine if I want to respond or not:

-Employed? (It’s okay if you aren’t a doctor or lawyer or whatever, but if I’m working the 9-5, cough, 9-7, you should be too.)
-Grammar skills? (‘im really into music n movies n basketball. lol’ = “Get away from me right now, bro.”)
-Lives in at least a 5-mile radius (New Jersey might as well be another country.)

Jordan passed with flying colors… This post was originally published on Read the rest here


4 thoughts on “So I’m Pretty Sure I Was Catfished…

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