Why Do You Love You?

Last Valentine’s Day, my two gay husbands (yes, two of them) sent me flowers (one with bacon, one growing in soil that I later killed). Another friend brought me a cupcake. And though I didn’t admit it then, Mr. Possibility had two dozen yellow tulips (my favorite) delivered to my work. He also came home from Dubai a day earlier so we could get dumplings in midtown, followed by chocolate mousse cake in bed.

This year though, I happily anticipate some buds from my father who is so adorably thoughtful I can’t even wrap my mind around it, much less my words. I’m keeping a pact with my friend M, where we agreed to send each other flowers on V-Day (which then turned to giving each other a bouquet in person once we looked up how oh-my-gosh expensive it is to send things that’ll die in a week on February 14). A few days before I’ll run a 5K and I think I’ll spend the actual day relaxing with the best girls in the world, drinking Merlot and eating cupcakes because our love for each other, wine and baked goods will never go out of style, with or without men on the side.

And hopefully, I’ll publish another addition of Valentine’s from you…to you.

I was amazed with how many Valentine’s were sent last year from all over the world. Your touching words, your kind sentiments and the way you expressed all the things you hope for, as well as all the things that make you so beautiful – were incredible. I hope you will take a moment to write a Valentine about all the things you love about yourself, all the things in the future you can’t wait to experience and what  self-love means to you. I’ll publish your words – along with a link to your blog, if you blog – on Valentine’s Day. Or if you’d rather be anonymous, that’s fine too.

Go here to submit your Valentine. You deserve it. Tell me how sweet it is to be loved by you.


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