I Do it Myself

When Mr. Possibility and I visited my family in North Carolina earlier this summer, I felt bad for him. Being the doting parents of an only child, my mother and father couldn’t resist the opportunity to show him at least one home video. They have records of everything I’ve ever done, a “wall” of fame for my journalism and pageant awards, plus diplomas and they still carry around a photo of me to show strangers.

I’d say it’s embarrassing, but it’s really just quite adorable. Mr. Possibility thought so too, especially after he had a few drinks. That seems to be the magic solution of surviving Lindsay as an energetic, defiant, and talkative toddler. While I’ve only grown a few feet and inches since then, my attitude is roughly the same. I’m still optimistic and too independent for my own good.

This was illustrated by my third birthday party, when my cousin attempted to help me unwrap a present and while sporting pink bows and a frilly dress, demanded: “I do it myself!”

That’s basically how I’ve felt all week – I’ve wanted to do it all, all by myself. I go through stages really, where I want to be around my friends or Mr. P constantly. Sometimes I crave company as badly as I do pizza at 3 a.m. on Friday nights – but at other times, there is no place I’d rather be than alone. In those moments or days, I don’t text as much, I appear invisible on Gchat, I don’t comment or update the Book of Faces as often, and I spent time working on my personal to-do list of things that really aren’t that vital. Like at-home pedicures, color-coordinating my closet, attempting a difficult recipe, or finding books to sell at Strand and clothes to give dollars for at Buffalo Exchange.

And when I’m really ambitious, as I was last night, I take on a day-long task at 7 p.m. at night. While giving my room a thorough cleaning, I decided on the fly that I was bored of the layout and wanted to rearrange. So with Pandora blasting in my fuzzy pink socks, sweatpants and sports bra, I moved my dresser, desk, bed, and bookshelf single-handedly. At one point I was cornered with no place to go and had to become Spidey-like to climb over top my furniture, while praying Ikea wouldn’t let me down with its flimsy durability. I replaced photos in frames, restructured my getting-ready-in-the-morning setup, threw out shoes that saw their last day years ago, and finally concluded that I’ll never be a 34A again, so holding onto training bras probably is a waste of space.

Around midnight, when my room makeover was complete, I stood in awe at my work. And of the change.

That little bit of reorganization makes everything look different and feel fresher. It makes me cleaner for a few weeks and gives me a new appreciation for the apartment and roommates I was lucky to find. And though I’d say most anyone reading this blog could do the same in their own space, I thoroughly enjoy the feeling of doing something by myself. I’m no Southern Belle who poses as a damsel in distress, but a young woman who would rather be sore and filthy than to rely on anyone to do the things I can do without help.

It’s that mentality, I think, that gets me far – in my career and in my love life. Accepting myself as an independent, as someone who can do most things she sets her mind to has given me the confidence to go after those things that seem unreachable. To push harder, to believe in my abilities, and to take responsibility for both my successes and my failures. It’s made me a product of my own doing – capable of not only being the person I want to be, but doing those things that others have said I can’t or have tried to do for me. Perhaps it make me a little much to handle in a relationship, but if a guy can’t hold his own while dating me – there’s an express train a few blocks away and I’ll provide the $2.25 he’ll need to catch it.

If someone else wants to come along the journey, they’re welcome to – just don’t slow me down or instruct me how to walk or to talk,, what to see or how to be. Because as I promised over twenty years ago, I’ll do it myself and I’ll be damn happy about it.


3 thoughts on “I Do it Myself

  1. Wow I feel like I have met match in some strange way….lol..Lindsay you and I have to hangout together one day lol….we have a lot in common. I am an only child too…I have a half-bro but I am technically the only child in my household. My parents made home movies and everything too. That’s funny lol…I am always delighted when I hear about people being only children. It’s very rare to find them. I love my independence too….I think being a solo kid….is great in some way and yes it does get lonely but at the same time. It makes you even more of your own person. I didn’t really start accepting it more into my teen years I think because it allowed me to figure out a lot of things on my own. i am glad you feel the same way lol….it’s nice to know there’s someone in the universe who knows to hit it on the nail. =) Love your writing see you soon

    Chloe =)

  2. Be careful. Guys probably fall for women when fun or more mellow, and get tired of them when too bossy and independent, or control freaks. And kiss another one good-bye.

    Its nice to be appreciated. Taking your independence to new levels is NOT endearing. You shout, “I DON’T NEED YOU.” We all want to be wanted. Not just between your legs when you feel like it.

  3. Funny! I replaced my toilet today. Yup. Tried to remove the plastic thing I dropped in the old one but when that didn’t work so I had to install a new one. It took two damn days and multiple trips to Lowe’s but it was worth it. Now let’s talk about independent! I’m right there with ya!

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