Love Addict’s Acts of Love December Challenge

When this year started, I decided I would stop looking for romantic life in my own life, and I would try my best to see love in every single day – and all around me. I figured if I could just capture all of that love and savor it, then it would help me not give up on my personal journey to finding that relationship that I want.

And ya know what? I was right.

By opening my eyes and looking at the love of my friends, my family, my dog, my city, my job, my runs, my workout classes, my roommates – all of it – I became even more optimistic than I ever was before.

So for the last month of this very special year, I want to pay it back. I want to show acts of love to strangers, friends, family members, my pup and all of you by introducing…

The Love Addict Acts of Love Challenge 


It’s really easy: every single day of the month in December, do something loving for someone else. And because I believe to discover great love, you must have great love for yourself, throw in some self-love actions in there, too.

Now – this doesn’t have to be crazy, it can be really simple: taking something off of a co-worker’s plate, calling your mom more than you would, taking your dog to the dogpark for an extra long run, buying someone’s coffee, holding the door for someone, emailing someone you love and telling them just why they’re amazing, and so much more. Anything and everything that is kind-hearted, loving and comes from a genuine place – do it!

And if you would like to share some of these moments with me – and the world – please use the #LoveAddictActsofLove on Twitter and Instagram. I’ll be sharing some of my acts on my Instagram, so feel free to follow if you’d like some inspiration. I’ll pick a few winners at the end of the month to send a prize pack to – as my final act of love for the month.

So, who is with me? Who wants to pay love forward? I promise you’ll be SO impressed with how much less you worry about dating blunders, being single again during the holidays and when you’ll ever meet that right person once you take the focus off of the search, and look around you to see all the love that’s already all around you.


5 thoughts on “Love Addict’s Acts of Love December Challenge

  1. Great idea. Its a habit I have, though not as a day to day requirement.
    Yes should call my Mother more, but her hearing is so bad, she talks, says she can’t hear me, talks more, then says she is tired and will talk to me again soon and hangs up. At least she gets an audience.

    At archery practice, I model good technique, mostly, in my own shooting. If I notice an obvious flaw in a beginner’s technique, or lack of consistency in where their arrows fly, I ask a few leading questions, they adjust, and VOILA!, they are more accurate. Seems to give me an instant new friend. Yesterday, I suggested two guys swap the club arrows they were using. Originally mismatched to their bows, they both then shot much more accurately. None of the coaches noticed the error. But I did, stepped in, and helped both shoot better with a simple solution. I think I now know two dozen people at the group practices by name from this habit, or simply complimenting people on their shooting. My own consistency is not where I want it to be, so I stay in the class. Having someone shoot very well in the class helps others believe they can do it, too. One morning, only one other person I knew was here. We chatted off and on all morning, became much better acquainted. Very young and pretty, she had avoided me for months as “too old”. Now she sees me as a good person, not some old guy hitting on her. And it is a little amusing as quite a few young men talk to her between rounds, hoping to gain favor. Now and then she comes my way as a form of relief from them.

    At volleyball yesterday, a fellow got a bad scrape that would not stop bleeding. I rushed to my bag for a spray-on stop-bleed I keep in my equipment bag. He later asked for a bandage/band-aid for it. I let him select what he needed.

    At Thanksgiving, I always talk to the socially more-awkward-than-me husband of a sister-in-law. Seems to always find himself a quiet spot to avoid people. We chat about my job and his orchard business.

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