The Guy Who Called Me Undateable (And Why I’ve Never Forgotten It)

I really (really) liked David.

I was a 19-year-old, wide-eyed, excited kid that immensely enjoyed the attention from an older (by um, two years?) guy who wanted to wine-and-dine me. (Mostly from his apartment, since I couldn’t, you know, order a glass without being carded in my quiet, sleepy college town.) He was an engineering major with a big passion to design skyscrapers (and I wanted to live in NYC, it was fate!), and though his room was messy and his shirts smelled like mildew, after two dates, I was pretty much smitten.

We went to a concert together. He took me to meet his group of friends and we smashed a six-pack. We snuggled on the couch together, talking about our future dreams and goals and passions. We made out like we only had one dying breath left on this planet, and while I didn’t sleep with him, I did heavily practice my “everything-but” rule on countless occasions.

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4 thoughts on “The Guy Who Called Me Undateable (And Why I’ve Never Forgotten It)

  1. This happened to me, too. Regular rejection stings, but something like this just shatters you. I thought the guy was my friend, but after just one date, he told me he talked to his friends and they decided that I wasn’t worth the effort. Something inside of me died. I wasn’t even trying to have anything serious or long term, which made it worse. I’ve always had a hard time even getting dates and so when he said that it just finally confirmed every insecurity I had. I haven’t recovered from it. I really think that I lost my ability to hope and, when combined with my fear of having someone say it me ever again, I gave up on finding love. I was 33 then and I just knew that statistically the odds of finding it would only decrease and being rejected callously would become the norm.

    Thanks for sharing your story. I’ve heard basic rejection stories before, but this was the first time I’ve heard of a bone-crushing tale similar to my own. I’m glad you’ve recovered from yours.

  2. First, “T”…

    Don’t let slimey jerks poison your whole life. And when I say “slimey” I mean pond scum, like your “friend” and his friends.

    Slime often pools together.

    And Lindsay?


    2. a social or romantic appointment or engagement.
    “a college student on a date with someone he met in class”
    synonyms: appointment, meeting, engagement, rendezvous, assignation; commitment
    “a lunch date” (Source: Google Dictionary)

    By this definition, he was already dating you, Lindsay. And, this is evidence of him being so easily confused that it should negate the possibility of him actually having any responsibility whatsoever in the design of a skyscraper.

    Perhaps he was friends with “T’s” friend?

    Slime often pools together.

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