Hey You — What Are You Doing at 8 p.m.?

If you’re home in your PJs watching Netflix with a glass of wine and day-two stir fry like I am, I have a fun idea for you —

Talk about sex.

You know — what you want, what you hate, how you keep it hot, your secret questions, what your guy is really thinking while you’re having sex and so much more. I’ve been working on Sex Week at iVillage for the past few months and the results of our married sex survey are super interesting (for instance: more men report a hotter sex life because they read Fifty Shades of Grey than women).

In honor of a week entirely dedicated to sex (could my job be any cooler?) and our third survey — we’re having a Twitter party tonight at 8 p.m. EST. It’s really easy — just follow iVillage  and me on Twitter and use #sexweek to join in on the conversation. Just by chatting, you could win sexy prizes and gifts.

C’mon, talk about sex with me – I am a host for the party, after all!

(And after you’re finished getting dirty, get mushy and write yourself a letter of love for Valentine’s Day.)

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