13 Truths About Loving An Eternal Optimist (As Written By One)

If there’s one single characteristic that’s carried me through every terrible date, bitter break-up, sleeping with my ex and trying my damnedest to not give up on this elusive thing called love, it’s my optimism.

Know that emjoi that’s smiling and has hearts for eyes? That’s me.

More than anything else I value in a future partner — and in myself — is a person’s ability to see the bright side of things and to put others before himself to bring a bit more happiness into the world. I’ve been called a little naive before and that I look through rose-colored glasses, but what can I say? I like the view from here! It’s positive, encouraging, and keeps me keepin’ on.

So if you’re planning to be with me, here’s a few things you should know in advance:

1. I don’t understand  or tolerate  constant negativity.

I’ve had a few boyfriends who were so incredibly draining that they put me in a bad head space. I noticed it — and so did my friends and family — and it was a big reason why those relationships ultimately ended. Don’t get me wrong: I can be negative sometimes, too, but I’m really quick to snap out of it. Men who want to consistently complain, gripe, put themselves and everyone else down, and overall be a grouch are utterly exhausting to me.

2. I have an insane amount of energy.

Not only do I rock that weekday work groove, but I also freelance, manage my blog, walk my dog, sweat it out at five workout classes, meet my friends for dinner, go on a date or two, check-off my errands, pay my bills, balance my savings account and squeeze in a facial or a mani/pedi … every week. And yes, I do sleep but I don’t need much of the Zzz’s. I like to live a lot of life, see all that I can and experience every moment. So have your Netflix binge but the next day, we’re totally going kickboxing.

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One thought on “13 Truths About Loving An Eternal Optimist (As Written By One)

  1. Hey, I’m Daniel from Scotland. You sound really awesome and I hope to find someone who appreciates the same values that you do someday and that you find someone who has all the qualities you’re looking for and the ones that you didn’t realise you needed.

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