Ciao Bella 2011!

I’m a big fan of making lists – for my groceries, for things I have to do, for things I’d like to do, for people I need to call, for blogs I need to write, emails I must return, ideas to pitch at work, qualities in a man I’d like to find…and the list goes on and on (pun rightfully intended).

Every year before this one, including 2010, I have made a quite lengthy list of resolutions that I wanted to fulfill before December 31. More often times than not, I almost always complete this list, like a good schoolgirl, checking everything off in red pen.

But lately, as I’ve been attempting to decide what I should seek in 2011 – I’ve found myself drawing one huge giant blank. Sure, I could probably stand to lose five pounds (but then, would I have boobs?), I could save more money (but, then would I have such a saucy collection of heels?), I could write more (but I write everyday), I could vow to drink less (but I live in New York),I could decide once-and-for-all that this will be the year I find love (but, that’s out of my hands), and I could have a more optimstic viewpoint (but, I’m happy as I am).

And then, it occurred to me – really what I’m doing with this journey, with this blog, is one multi-step resolution in itself that is simply to be the person I want to be. To be someone who is self-sufficient, obsessive-free, and confident in herself…regardless of a man. For so long, I’ve let all of the guys- from Mr. Fire and Mr. Fling to Mr. Idea, Mr. Unavailable, and Mr. Disappear, control not only my perception of love and its infinite confusions, but also my opinion of myself. I’ve allowed their choices, that ultimately do not have anything to do with me, let me feel like I wasn’t good enough to be picked as their partner. Or that some woman was always better than me or had something I simply could not offer. And for whatever reason, I wasn’t “good at relationships” – when in reality, relationships aren’t something to place on your resume. I’ve placed “meeting The One” on my life’s checklist, when I know in my heart, it should not be a box to check – and even worse, I’ve punished myself for each and every single thing that’s gone wrong in a relationship, allowing the men to have countless “get out of blame” free cards.

And so while it wasn’t the start of a New Year when I started this journey in September, it was then that I made a resolution to release their grasp, and the power of negative thinking, and let myself walk confidently in the direction of a healthy relationship – with myself. Past be damned, I’d rather have today, and the all of the hope for a tomorrow I can’t even imagine.

So for 2011, I’m moving on to Step 5I have admitted to a higher power, to myself, and to another human being the exact nature of my wrongs. Not exactly sure how I’ll go about this one -but as I always do, I figure it out somewhere along the way, have no doubt.

And in addition to moving forward with this path that I’m so enjoying taking as a single woman, I’m also doing something that’s simply for me, without a goal in mind. Or at least one that’s intimidating. I’ve spent the majority of my life saving up for my move to New York and because of that, I haven’t been able to travel as often as I’d like. And of all the places I’ve always wanted to go, Italy tops the list (sorry Irish heritage, but I’ll get there).

Something about the elegant and sexy way they talk, how they drink gallons of wine like it isn’t a big deal, how food and company are meant to be enjoyed for hours beyond end, and there is an endless amount of pasta, pizza, and bread – not to mention the country is shaped like a shoe – makes me long for an extended visit.

For my 25th birthday, I will go to Italy for a month, alone (or perhaps with another single gal pal or two) – and see all that there is to see: Rome, Sicily, Florence, Venice, and Capri. And step one to catching the flight to Italy is learning the language, just as I’ve always wanted to do, so I signed up for classes at Scuola Italiana in the lovely Greenwich Village.

I don’t know much Italian yet, though I think I’ll be able to learn pretty easily (if not, Rosetta Stone it is!) – but I do know “Ciao Bella!” and that will be my mantra for the year: always greeting myself and others with beauty and excitement, no matter what bumps in the road, or men, who may get in the way.

And because Italians are simple with their greetings – keeping “hello” and “goodbye” the same – I may be forced to say “Ciao Bello!” to the men who just don’t measure up to what I need.

Ciao bella amantes fino a domani! (Goodbye beautiful lovers – until tomorrow)

14 thoughts on “Ciao Bella 2011!

  1. come on .. maybe relationship are not soo easy .. but ..I still believe that everyboby have the partener thet they deserve .
    I am in .. the same honeypot with you. IF A GUY ONLY WANT YOU. NOT LOVE YOU :( and he is not sure about that he love you and you are the only one – will make your life and his life bitter.
    And the reverse of the coin is the same.
    it’s my own opinion about this .
    what is the life soo complicated ????????

  2. Hey, you stole my phrase! Lol…

    Where is it written that resolutions must be of a dietary nature, and can only be made on New Year’s? If your relationship experiences lead you to discover changes you want to make “on the fly” you’re more likely to stick to them IMO. No need to make a resolution now, just because.

    But you should definitely go to Italy this year! :)

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  5. That is the best resolution I’ve ever heard. (Although when I read the title, I thought that you were committing to eating Ciao Bella Gelato every day, which I think is also a notable and worthy goal.)

    Learning Italian will make your life better, no doubt about it, and going to Italy for a month will be like paradise! I am on my way there now for 3 months. Maybe you’ll come back with a man, who knows?

    Have fun and in bocca al lupo! (Good luck!!)


  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. My girls & I are actually planning a trip to Italy for next summer or so (or whenever we can stop buying so many shoes and martinis!)

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  8. Italy is an amazing place to love yourself…eat well, absorb the beauty of the language and culture, and get lost in centuries of history and art. It’s uncanny…it seems as though you are on the same path as me..just a few years behind. Enjoy the journey!!

    Make sure they’re teaching you all the ‘dirty’ words at the language school…those will come in most useful when around Italian men! It was always fun to zip one back at them and surprise them. A simple “Ho capito” works. The look of shock on their faces will keep you laughing for days. (Btw, I recommend a little book called “Merda”, if they’re not teaching you the good stuff at the school).

    xo, Sam

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