Accountable to Me

I write this blog from Brother Jimmys’ a place on the Upper West Side, pressured by friends who want to drink the fish bowl of alcohol in front of us, but I insist on posting daily.

That is the thing about promises,they are the strongest when you make them to yourself. And those are usually the ones we break the most often because there is no one to answer to.

Except ourselves that is.

And the day on the calendar that is left unhighlighted because I decided not to write after nearly three hundred posts in a row. And the readers and friends and family and fans and followers and strangers who knew I did not fulfill my goal.

So I write. Though it may nor be much, it shows I’m accountable for a lot of things, especially myself and my promises.

So cheers friends! Happy Wednesday and congrats to my first post from an iPhone! (And hopefully last)

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